Food Thing: Lamb and Ham Easter Brunch

April 13, 2009


As I have no religious attachment to the Resurrection of the Christ, Easter is just an excuse to feast. Here’s how we did it.


Hunger Cutter: Trimmed Toast with Bucheron and Dill
Drink: Old Fashioned

Soup: Asian Soup with Lamb-Bacon Meatballs
Drink: Bloody Tequila Sunrise (w/ fresh squeezed blood orange juice)

Main Course: Lamb and Papaya Stir-Fry with Spinach-Ham Chow Fun
Drink: Echelon 2003 Shiraz

Dessert: Mango-Cardamom Ice Cream with a Ginger Snap
Drink: Pomegranate Mimosa

Trimmed toast was fine. The meatballs could have packed more bacon per bite. Neither the lamb nor the chow fun was very remarkable; I should have left the habaneros in the mix, rather than removing them with the meat marinade. The ice cream was a hit, but as other cooks may tell you, when your dessert is the most memorable item at the table, you did something wrong. And the drink pairings… obviously I was looking for an excuse to get a little tipsy and that probably wasn’t the best taste guide.

Evaluation: Thumbs-medium.


Food Inspirations: Asian Meatball Soup was derived from a recipe at Mango and Tomato, subbing lamb broth for chicken broth; the bacon-lamb meatball recipe was taken from the Lobel Brothers’ classic cookbook Meat, spiced up with red chili flakes; my Lamb-Papaya stir-fry was a variation on the Chinese Caribbean recipe for Papaya Chicken found in The Sugar Mill Caribbean Cookbook–the main deviation, other than the meat change-up, was marinating the lamb in fish sauce, lime juice and chopped up habaneros over night; Chow Fun was done strictly per Ming Tsai‘s directions; Mango-Cardamom ice cream was my creation, riffing on Indian and Chinese ice creams I’ve had in Boston and the Bay Area.



  1. You secretive, burrowing badger.
    Leaving us waiting patiently staring at the tomb, while you were digging yourself an exit tunnel elsewhere now to emerge, dirt spraying everywhere.

  2. I second lizzie’s sentiments. But also, YES! Welcome back! More posts about food!

  3. He has risen!

    I’m sad to see MTBE go, but happy to see it resurrected as Rote Learning. Very Jesus-like. Was this planned to fall so close to the rising of our lord and savior?

  4. So, new blog, new name? Perhaps I should switch from Buster to Badger?

    MG, I will try to work in more regular food posts.

    Sean, The similarities between myself and Jesus are purely coincidental, as I tell folks all the time.

  5. “Pank lives”!

    Welcome back, Buster!…or maybe Badger!?!

    Actually, I like the whole phrase: “secretive, burrowing badger”

    I think you’re being too hard on yourself about the food. I thought everything was great (esp. the meatballs).

    And I’m glad to see that Russian Rap Friday has been adopted by ROTE!

    Looking forward to more reviews of your encounters…

  6. OOH, I’m so glad you were inspired by one of my recipes! Yeai!

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