Where I’ve Been is Where I Am, Still (When Words Fail Remix)

July 4, 2009



  1. that is a beautiful painting. sun reflecting on the water looks so life like. kind of like watching a blue ray on HD Tv, brush stroke style.

  2. When winter comes, you can change your screen-saver to this one: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Caspar_David_Friedrich_006.jpg;
    it is titled “The Wreck of Hope” for your convenience.

  3. Or how about this

    depiction of adjunct faculty?

  4. Ebony, Yeah, I think light and water were Aivozonsky’s bread and butter, respectively.

    kg and rootless, your warm viewing suggestions are duly noted.

  5. russians please stop russia support of ahmadinejad. he is killing people here by sepah and basij forces

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