Archival Treasures

July 28, 2009

There are, I am certain, historians who get a box of material and only look at the four folders relevant to their project. They probably ignore the dozen folders marked “Misc. Snapshots–Unidentified, 1930s and 1940s.”

This is what they miss:




  1. What will induce you to identify those people? Pleading? Threats? Bribery? Name it.

  2. <3this.

  3. Alas, alas–I can’t identify them at all. There were no identifying marks on any of the photos and they weren’t even filed together. The first photo caught my eye, and then another one from that series (I’m calling it “Playing and Posing in the Park”) showed up a few folders later, followed by a couple more later than that. The cowgirl, on the other hand, was mainly filed together. Awesome dude with sunglasses and suspenders was a single, though there might have been another of him posing seated in formal attire and regular (but also hefty) spectacles. I couldn’t quite tell for certain.

  4. Yes! Buster is back!

    I hope that your rummaging in the archives continues to be this fruitful!

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