Archival Things: Organizer Notes #2

September 8, 2009

[West Virginia, 25 February 1936]

I am in bad need of medical treatment. My left ear is leaking for almost a year. In the past two months I am rapidly losing hearing on this ear. I can no longer carry on telephone conversation by holding receiver on this ear. It it continues this way for another couple of months there is every possibility that I may lose the hearing on this ear completely, unless I get the necessary treatment.

My left kidney is so badly infected that I cannot lay on my left side and cannot stand long enough to make an hours speech.

I have lost all but five of my upper teeth. The remaining five are so bad that I can pull them out with my fingers. As a result I can chew no food which results in continuous constipation and terrific headaches at least twice a week.

My ear and kidney may develop other complications if proper treatment is not given to me. There is no possibility whatsoever to go to a doctor here in West Virginia because of lack of funds and to my knowledge there are no free clinics in the state. If I would go to Chicago immediately I believe arrangements could be made to get treatments.

In addition I live in a house since last September without paying any rent. I have an eviction notice and undoubtedly will be evicted within the next few weeks. I have already received the third eviction notice.

These may not appear to be sufficient reasons for my immediate departure to Chicago. Nevertheless they are important to my health which is essential in carrying out the new task assigned to me.



  1. If you’re trying to write redemptive history…ummm…good luck with that.

  2. Wah?

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