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Migrant Thing: Baimurat, Jimmy the Disco Dancer and “The Best Antifascist Gig For Years”

April 26, 2009

Baimurat was born on a collective farm called Pravda in the southwestern corner of Tajikistan. As a boy, he attended music school and studied Arabic with a neighboring mullah. He also watched all the movies that came to town, as his brother was the local film projectionist. Bollywood shows, with their catchy songs and dance numbers, were especially popular. Through these movies, Baimurat discovered a unique talent. After hearing a song a few times, he could sing it in its entirety, even if he couldn’t understand any of the words. Friends and family were suitably impressed and soon he was being invited to perform at weddings.

But such gigs didn’t pay the bills. So, like many citizens of Tajikistan, the singer hit the road. Read the rest of this entry ?