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Russian Rap Humpday Thing: Siberian Syndicate

May 6, 2009

Take a generic gangster rap crew from the early 1990s, beat them with the stupid stick and shake off any remnants of talent.  Then load them into a rusty Lada* headed all the way to Omsk.

What you get is Siberian Syndicate, a sophomoronic set barking out misses like “Stop Me” and “Gangbanger.”

*Said vehicle is featured in the second video.


Ear & Eye Thing: Russian Rap Humpday w Bad B

April 29, 2009

Bad Balance takes us back a couple of decades into the history of Russian hip-hop in the video for Стиль оригинальный.  The late-Soviet photos are interesting, but I think the sepia-toning of the whole video is a little cheap and goofy. I’d rather have seen the weird hues and contrasts of Soviet color photography.

Academic query: Has anyone written a history of Interclubs, or better yet a study of just one Interclub? They are all over the margins of my dissertation, but I know nothing about what they look like between 1933 and their appearance in this video.


Eye & Ear Thing: Russian Rap Humpday w/ Kasta

April 22, 2009

Kasta has been around the Russian rap scene for a long time, but I’ve never been much of a fan.  The mumbly delivery, understated melody and sparse beats always felt like a weak version of The Streets. (Compare Kasta here and The Streets here.)

But in their latest release, Вокруг шум, the sound is beefed up and the video production is slick.  And someone took a big bite out of Eminem’s style.

Lyrics in Russian.


Eye & Ear Thing: Russian Rap Humpday w/ Ginex

April 15, 2009

Russian-language rappers Som and Don-A of Ginex wax nostalgic about their native Kazakhstan in a self-professed “realist” video. The YouTube tag for this? Heimat.

Evaluation: Thumbs-medium.